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  2. The Surprising Enchantress (Cinderella #3) by Kae Elle Wheeler
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I think it really think it show courage and determination. Though the end was very sad and i almost cried. Tuesday, May 14, at pm. Cindy Thursday, February 21, at pm. I loved this book, it was my favorite of the whole series of land of stories. It is about how the main characters Alex and Conner return to the land of stories world and meet the enchantress that once cursed the sleeping beauty, they have to save the land of stories from its greatest threat yet!

This book is about how the people of the fairy tale land thought the Enchantress was abolished but she wasn't. The only way to stop the enchantress was to find the six most hated people in the world and their prized possessions. In the book they included: The Sea Witch and her jewels, Cinderella's wicked stepmother with her family heirloom, the Evil Queen with her magic mirror,The giant and his harp who risks her life for the wand, the snow queen with her magic scepter,and the enchantress with her pride.

Though they risked their lives making the wand, They stopped the enchantress. Sofia Tuesday, January 1, at pm.

This book will definitely keep you on your toes! Close Embed Code. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog. Embed Code. Close Email to Friend. Popular Books Week Month Year. Guts 10 reviews. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 14 7 reviews. It still hurts. Bubba loves you. Epigraph : "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. I'd like to give a special thank. Seeing as this is my third novel published in just one month shy of a calendar year, I would like to thank the people who taught me how to read and write, as it was not an easy task: my elementary school teachers, Mrs.

The Surprising Enchantress

Shehorn, Mrs. Keller, Mrs.

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Karl, Mrs. Lubisich, Mr. Schultz, Ms. Smith, Mrs. Denton, and Mrs. Since he sat on my lap while I wrote the majority of this novel and acted as inspiration, I would like to thank my cat, Brian, who couldn't care less about this recognition. Also Polly Bergen, for being the real Mother Goose. Just as the Eastern Kingdom celebrates its recovery from the Sleeping Curse , a magical spinning wheel appears and the thorn bushes around the castle start growing back, covering the kingdom.

Queen Sleeping Beauty tries to escape to the Fairy Kingdom but is ambushed. Her escort is killed and she barely escapes. She finds out that the Enchantress that cursed her to sleep for years is back with revenge. Alex travels home from her extra classes at college and thinks back to the last time she saw her grandmother.

The Surprising Enchantress (Cinderella #3) by Kae Elle Wheeler

She misses life in the Land of stories sorely. The twins get a dog from Dr. Bob turns out to be their mother's boyfriend. Alex feels lonely and conflicted and tries to communicate with her grandmother and access the Land of Stories through a fairy tale book from the library. Conner joins her, but it doesn't work. Conner is called to the new principal, Mrs. Peters , who encourages his passion for writing "original fairy-tales".

This takes Conner by surprise.

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  5. The Surprising Enchantress (Cinderella #3) by Kae Elle Wheeler.
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Bob asks the twins' permission to marry their mother. While they wait at home for him to propose, the twins' grandmother arrives and tells them she fears their mother has been kidnapped. The twins are confined to the house, guarded by Xanthous , sir Lampton and Cinderella's soldiers disguised as garden gnomes.

They figure out their mother has been taken to the Land of Stories, and decide to find out how she got there. Mother Goose comes to guard the twins. She accidentally tells them the Evil Enchantress Ezmia has their mother. Alex packs some supplies and makes a run for it to her grandmother's cottage in hopes of getting to the Land of Stories.

Conner joins up with Alex, having taken Lester to get to her, and they arrive at the cottage, activating a portal to the Land of Stories. Alex and Conner spy on a gathering of outlawed talking animals who are planning to join the Enchantress. They meet up with Prince Charlie , who is a frog again in order to spy on the outlaws undercover. Ezmia breaks into Pinocchio Prison to free Rumplestiltskin , her once apprentice, forcing him to help her kidnap a royal child once again. Froggy takes the twins to his new home; Red's castle. While they are there, they find out about the attack on Pinocchio Prison.

Queen Red Riding Hood reluctantly agrees to smuggle them into the assembly the Charmings are having with the heads of state and the Happily Ever After Assembly. The Assembly finds out the connection between the Fairy Godmother and Ezmia, and the Enchantress herself appears to demand the surrender of the Kings and Queens. As they refuse, Ezmia traps the Fairy Godmother's soul inside a jar and vanishes with it.

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  • Rumplestiltskin tells his captive, Charlotte Bailey, his story; he used to be a dwarf dreaming of a life outside the mines, and Ezmia took him on as an apprentice and wanted him to take a royal child for her evil plans. He never intended to be a villain. Ezmia appears and tells her story to the twins' mother, whom she believes is Alex, and she reveals the identity of 5 other souls she has trapped in jars over the years.

    She explains how the world's treatment and expectations of her caused her to grow bitter and vengeful.

    Red, Froggy and the twins travel back to Red's castle and find out the wall surrounding the kingdom has magically disappeared. Jack and Goldilocks have come to the castle to discuss what to do about Ezmia. Conner remembers the Wand of Wonderment that is mentioned in one of Froggy's books, which consists out of items from the 6 most hated people in the fairytale world and will make its wielder invincible, and convinces everyone it's their only chance and they have to try it.

    Jack designs it and oversees the building. Red confesses that she had the Beanstalk removed, so in order to retrieve the item from the Giant , they need to regrow the Beanstalk with the help of the Traveling Tradesman.

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    With the help of Red's grandmother and several carpenters from the kingdom, they start building the air ship. Jack, Goldilocks and the twins go search for the Traveling Tradesman. They find him and he gives them his last magic beans for free. He also warns them for danger inside the Giant's castle. Back at Red's castle, Conner sees a mysterious transparent woman who disappears before he can find out who she is.