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Over time, keep repeating the command so that your dog will slowly learn what you want her to do. Limit your training periods to short intervals. Most dogs get bored easily, and it can be especially true with border collies, given their high intelligence. Don't let a training session go beyond 15 minutes.

Change up your tricks. That is, don't try to teach the same trick for the whole 15 minutes. You can do as few as 5 repetitions trying to teach one trick or up to Switch to another task after that. End happy. That is, end with a trick your dog knows how to do.

Border Collie Training Videos

That way, you can praise her up and down, and she'll be willing to try learning tricks with you again sometime. Method 2. Understand your border collie's instincts. Border collies are herding dogs, but they are also chasing dogs. Therefore, games and sports like catching discs are perfect for border collies.

In fact, disc catching and throwing is not just a backyard sport, as you can compete with your dogs in local and national competitions. Provide food in the disc. If your border collie associates the disc with food, he'll think it's okay to hold it in its mouth. Try providing dinner in the disc for several nights in a row. Tease him with the disc.

Training Border Collies

Shake the disc back and forth in play. Your border collie will likely latch on to it and want to play. Tell him to drop it. First let him play with the disc, saying "good boy! Don't let him play tug-of-war. If he doesn't want to give it up, just stop talking and praising. In fact, ignore him completely. Because he wants your attention, he'll likely drop it.

Praise when he does. Continue working on the "drop it" cue. Start with rolling. Your pup will naturally chase after the disc if you roll it away from you. Ask him to come back, and tell him to "drop it. Throw the disc. When throwing, toss it away from your border collie. He will chase it down or even catch it in the air.

You don't want to toss it directly at your border collie, as you could hit him and it takes some of the fun out of chasing it down. Call him back to you. Once your border collie catches the disc, call him back to you, and tell him to drop it for you. Train in various styles. For instance, one event in disc events for dogs is throwing and catching at various distances.

You'll need to practice your throws, and you'll need to teach your dog to catch at these various distances. Generally, in these events, you gradually increase your distance in a timed period. Method 3. Start young. As soon as you have your border collie in your house, you can start training it. Your puppy is absorbing information whether you are actively trying to train him or not, so you might as well start teaching good habits young. Keep your puppy in a confined space.

You can use a crate or a leash. You can also try a small room. That way, you can keep an eye on the puppy, and if he starts to go the bathroom, you can take him outside. Your dog should be able to stand up in it and turn around. He may not be ready for house training, or he may have other issues you need to solve, such as taking him out more often.

Training a Border Collie

Take your puppy out often. Your 2-month-old puppy can hold it for about 2 hours, while a 3-month-old can hold it for about 3 hours, and so on. However, when you are trying to house train your puppy, make sure to take it out at least every 1 to 2 hours to go to the bathroom. One of the benefits of using the same spot is your puppy will smell her scent there and want to go in the same place.

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Reward the behavior you want. Take the puppy outside if she starts going to the bathroom. Start by making a noise to startle the pup a bit and get her to stop going. Then, take out to her spot in the yard. If she keeps going there, follow with a reward. Keep on a schedule. Of course, you need to take your puppy out on schedule.

Training a Border Collie | Canna-Pet®

However, you also need to feed him on schedule, as that will lead to more consistent bathroom times. You'll need to feed your dog about 4 times a day, so spread the feeding times out evenly over the day. Be consistent. Wilson's Cap, whose name occurs 16 times within seven generations in his pedigree. Wiston Cap sired three Supreme Champions and is grand-sire of three others, one of whom was E. Edwards' Bill, who won the championship twice. Collies were listed as imports to New Zealand as early as , but the type was not specified. It is unclear whether Hindhope Jed was a descendant of Old Hemp.

Elliot himself is well known for his breed of collies. At the time of her departure to New Zealand, Hindhope Jed was already in pup to Captain , another of the then-new "border" strain. Hindhope Jed had won three trials in her native Scotland, and was considered to be the "best to cross the equator". There are two types of tests, or standards, to determine the breeding quality of a Border Collie: the original ISDS sheepdog trial and appearance.

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The original test is the ISDS sheepdog trial. It is still used today, where a dog and handler collect groups of livestock and move them quietly around a course. There are certain standard elements to this test depending on the level: national or international. For both levels, sheep must be gathered as calmly as possible without being distressed.