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  3. Parent-Teacher Conferences Might Suck, But We Still Have to Show Up
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One-bedroom guest rooms have either one king bed, one queen bed, or two twin beds with a private bath. When registering online, please let us know your home congregation by entering your church and city, and also let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions that we need to pass on to the kitchen.

If you wish to have a roommate assigned , please select this option and use the comments section to request a male or female roommate.

How to Become a Better Parent - Dr. Shefali on Impact Theory

If the registrar is able to assign a roommate, your charges will be reduced. No refunds will be issued after February 1, All requests must be in writing and received via email, fax, or U. When registering online, please let us know your home congregation by entering your church and city, and if you choose to purchase meals along with your registration, please let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions that we need to pass on to the kitchen. If you choose this option, you must arrange your own housing and meals.

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Workshops will be offered two times during the retreat. After you register for the retreat, you will be asked for your preferences so we can see where interest is and adjust accordingly based on what is needed. Friday, February 8 room check-in begins conference check-in begins pm - Opening Gathering and keynote. Bring a game to share. Protected: Authentic Parents Retreat Because every family is a work in progress and God is in the mess.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. February 8—10, Register Now!

Authentic Parents Retreat

Last year we celebrated with just our small, immediate family. And thankfully or maybe not , there were not a ton of presents underneath our tree. Most of them were either for our older son or for the entire family, so we let him have the pleasure of opening them. Not surprisingly, we found ourselves repeating a refrain familiar to parents everywhere during the holidays and at birthday parties:. Birthdays and holidays should be more than just a flurry of presents and torn wrapping paper. And, more important still, to be thankful for them.

Authentic Parenting

Maybe give a hug, if both parties feel so inclined. At the least, we want time to mentally note who gave what so that cards can be sent later. Just as they appreciate the other important parenting roles we play. As they get older, we can see more clearly that we are loved and appreciated and needed. We can hear it in their laughs and feel it in the way they intrinsically trust us.

Of course, one of the challenges of parenting is eventually teaching them to take their gratitude to the next level. It starts with being thankful for special things—birthday presents, a trip to the movies, a cookie from the coffee shop. Ultimately, though, we want them to learn to be thankful for the everyday, intangible things, too. The presence of family members. A warm, safe home. Healthy food to eat. A civil society.

There is no one way to cultivate gratitude in the minds and souls of our little ones. But here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Might Suck, But We Still Have to Show Up

Perhaps the most important factor in teaching gratitude, as with so many other things in parenting, is showing it yourself. We provide the blueprint for what to say and what to do and in what contexts.

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  • When the barista hands you your latte, do you say thank you? Do you thank the waiter for bringing your meal? Do you thank the person who holds open the door at the post office? Do you thank the cashier at the grocery store? The person behind the counter at the DMV?

    Parenting with Authentic Love

    The librarian who just helped you find a book? If you want your children to be thankful for the things they receive in life, whether toys or books or food or even services rendered, then you need to be thankful, too. And they need to see that. Strive to be visibly appreciative of things others do for you. Your kids are watching and they will notice. When our children forget to say thank you at the store, we give them a moment to be certain they truly forgot. We make sure they hear us thanking the clerk for our own purchase.

    And then, if necessary, we gently remind them. When a good friend brings over some homemade cookies, we might remind our kids how considerate that individual was, to think of us like that. When Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit, we spend the drive to the airport discussing how much he missed them. And when that toy finally comes out, we hope they remember to be thankful. And if they forget, well, we simply remind them again. And yet, I know that kids thrive on positive comments. Some people say to aim for at least five positive statements for every negative, or maybe even a ratio of ten-to-one.

    This idea can be applied to gratitude, too. It shows them that we are paying attention. And that we appreciate their good behavior.

    1. They show interest.

    When your five-year-old gets into his car seat the first time you ask, and even starts buckling himself in, notice and express your own gratitude. Thank you! I love seeing you be such a big helper. Savoring positive emotions actually rewires the brain. Reinforce that positive behavior. Be outwardly thankful for it.